Tell anyone that you are eager to start a business of your own and they’ll think you have usual reasons to do that for instance: making money, earning higher social status etc. Well, it’s not their fault to think like that either because most of the businesses started are for the same reason, making money. Greed is the principle emotion and that not bad because our whole economy of capitalism is supported by greed but not TenTree. It’s a firm that has been set up by brothers Kalen and derrick to “protect the environment you play in”. But there is a problem how to maintain a steady supply of resources to help the environment without depending on donations and public conscience?

The Canadian duo found the answer by making their own t-shirt brand thus creating perfect monetary ecosystem between the people and environment wherein the money from sale of each t-shirt goes in planting ten trees so it’s saving the world ten trees at a time. It was clear to the founders of the TenTree that there were many socially minded companies but not environmentally minded ones. Although there were many companies who claimed to help the environment but very few were making genuine effort to do so. Thus the clothing company had to carve its own path.

The founders initiated by selling a test order of 100 T-shirts to friends and family late in 2011. Selling hundreds of shirts at a time, their story spread as their brand’s popularity grew. To meet growing demand and to reach people outside of their hometown, the founders enlisted the help of their cousin (and co-founder) Stephen to lead the e-commerce side of the business. Under his direction, tentree built an online store with the help of PayPal technical support. The tentree team chose PayPal because it meant that in just a few clicks, they could start accepting money, moving them closer to their tree planting goals. A year later, the team completed their first major plant in Madagascar.

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