E-Commerce industry is taking over the world of shopping gradually and the need for a secure payment system is also increasing gradually. PayPal offers the same to keep buyer’s transactions safer with its higher security measures. A lot of advantages are been offered by this e-transaction system such as quick payment, cheaper registration fees and lower maintenance cost. It’s a carry on e-wallet that goes around with the user and need only the user account email and password to pay for e-shopping and payments. Along with all these attractive advantages, also there are numerous disadvantages comes with this account that sometimes even restricts the user from accessing the promised services.

The disadvantages such as the complex sign up procedure, depositing PayPal money, frozen accounts, compromised accounts, and multiple payments issues makes the user experience bitter. PayPal customer service offer easy resolution for all this complex issues with the highly trained technical experts from the help desk.

Recovering PayPal account password

Recovering account password has become the most vulnerable issue that every user faces at least once with their online accounts. But with PayPal, forgotten password can be reset easily by following the correct guidelines and accessing the registered email account.

Editing personal and payment information

Often users need to update their registered card information or billing address details for PayPal account but faces difficulties in doing that. The technical experts are highly trained in guiding users with editing and modifying the account info instantly.

Transaction and account security issues

Unusual activity in PayPal account freezes it until the user manually fix it and this was
designed to keep user’s money secured from unwanted uses. Also users often face
issues with payments such as getting charged multiple times for the same item
which can be resolve by accessing the payment settings. The helpdesk experts
help users to get instant resolution for such issues.

PayPal technical support is available 24×7 through toll free number to help users with all sort of technical issues that arises while using PayPal account.

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