Without the correct technology, tools, and advice, tax sessions can get quite the headache for small business owners. Between trying to pull together all the right paperwork, meeting filing dates and navigating new codes and regulations – you’re likely counting down the days to April 18.

By taking help from the right advisors, as well as cloud technology, you can make this hectic time of year more manageable. Here are some top tips to make tax season a breeze:


    • Use technology to your advantage“Using the integration of right cloud accounting software and other integrated tools will save you time and money during tax season, and prevent reliance on spreadsheets or outdated software with old data.” – Paypal Support Number

With all of your data in one place in the cloud, tax calculation can become so much simpler. Cloud-based software should do most of your work , and the best thing is that you can access it online from anywhere at any time – using a laptop or other device.In addition to that, considering to choose e-filing and e-payment means that you don’t have to print and fill out any forms by hand. Today, all the states provide an e-filing option or require filers to do so. These are just some of many of the technologies that can be used to ease the burden of tax time.

    • Think about taxes throughout the yearSmall business owners should only think about their taxes year-round, rather than going for an early-year rush. Sam Wilson CEO of accounting firm, HPC agrees that most probably December is very late for small business owners to start taking care about their taxes. He recommends make benefits from partnerships, like the one between Xero and PayPal, to stay on top of things.

“Taxes are one of the most important expenses that a little business can have and yet they mostly spend the very little amount of time dealing with it,” Sam says.

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