Gone are the days when we had been dealing only in cash while doing monetary transactions. The world has become digital, and so do we. We have come across a number of payment gateways that are helping us in carrying out smooth transactions. Payment gateways are essential since they have helped us get rid of too much cash in our pockets. One such gateway is PayPal that has been facilitating the people worldwide. We offer help for PayPal and provide assistance related to its services.

Using PayPal, your critical information will not be shared with the merchant. The merchant will only receive the payment, and not any other details such as credit card details or other financial information. There are cases when the purchases don’t arrive. In that case, get your money back for purchases that don’t arrive or they turn out to be significantly different with PayPal Buyer Protection. It is pretty simple to use this gateway. You can easily buy in a few clicks. All you need to do is just enter your email and password when you pay with PayPal.

Managing the PayPal account

It is pretty easy to access the purchase history and payment details anytime, from anywhere. Just link a new credit or debit card to withdraw the funds. All of it has become a cakewalk. You will be able to pay instantly for online purchases when you link a card or your bank account to your PayPal account. In order to stay protected, please confirm your email address. Each time you make a payment, you will receive a confirmation mail from our side. This helps you stay updated about the various transactions that take place. In order to be fast and productive, you can add your credit and debit cards to your PayPal account. Also, you are flexible enough to choose which one to use each time you pay. Don’t lose out on your money rather get it easily. Whatever payments are received in your PayPal account will be auto-withdrawn to your local bank account on a regular basis. There is no need to top-up your cards. All you need to do is link them with the PayPal wallet and transactions will be done easily.


Focus on their businesses

Offering better flexibility, you can use almost any merchant account, bank, and processor, including PayPal. Easily undergo integration using any one of the many well-known shopping cart solutions using PayPal.

Payments through multiple platforms

Now you can make payments using several platforms. The gateway accepts all major debit and credit cards supported by their processor, including Visa, MasterCard®, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. Apart from this, you can also add Express Checkout and PayPal Credit®.

Undergo customization

We help you establish complete control and customization of the checkout process using APIs. Even the merchants can host checkout pages on their website or let PayPal host the checkout on their secure servers.

Simplified PCI compliance

PayPal processes payments behind the scenes and is key towards reducing the merchant’s workload for proving PCI compliance issues. The merchants can use PayPal’s PCI-compliant hosted templates, or host checkout pages on their own website. Also, they can let PayPal process payments behind the scenes.

Stay updated

You can customize the reporting with APIs that integrate into the merchants’ back-office applications. By making use of the post-authorization APIs, one can send transaction data to your backend solution.

Fraud protection

The gateway is a key solution to prevent fraudulent transactions. The addition of Basic or Advanced Fraud Protection Services helps in protecting against fraud risks. Talking about more features, you can add Buyer Authentication Service to support the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs. Note that these features are available for an additional fee.

Setting up recurring payments

When you need to carry out recurring transactions, there is a need for you to visit the gateway again and again. Eliminating this concern, with PayPal you can add the Recurring Billing Service to automatically debit customers’ debit or credit cards which can be availed for extra charges.