People now-a-days prefer to read book online using the e-book reader instead of buying them from the market. As maintaining the collection of your favourite eBooks in just a single device is easy with that compared to the collection via collecting the books. But when you have hundreds of eBooks in a single device, it will be difficult for you to search for the particular content you need. So, don’t worry, our kindle tech support service providers will help you find the one for you.

As web pages contain a lot of content. So, most of the browsers serve you the feature to search for the content on a web page easily without any difficulty. So, follow the simple steps provided by our experts in the web page below:

  1.      Click on the menu available on the option bar

The options bar that runs along the bottom of your e-reader screen. The items provided on the Options bar change, depending on what library you were using, but there are most of the items such as Search to run a search in features such as a content library.

  1.      Click on the Find in Page

The onscreen keyboard will be displayed with the Search field active.

  1.      Click a search term

It is shown in an orange box drifting above the first particular of the word on the page. Other particulars of the word on that page are shown by a white bubble outlined in orange.

  1.      Click any of these bubbles to view the content you were looking for.

The first instance of a word on the page of your e-reader is shown by an orange box.

  1.      Click on the done option to end the search.

Now, you have found what you were looking for.
If not, you need to contact our kindle customer support number. Our experts will guide you in every possible way. So, call us now! We are here to help you.

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