Aside of our young generation, many people read physical books. I (a millennial generation’s person) particularly read them a lot. I keep them with me for a long time. I have even bought a bookshelf only for “to be read” pile. Once a while I donate a book that I had once read as i believe books need to have their own journey. Even then i feel that i am parting with part of my soul when i give away the books.

Even in my generation I seem to be one in the majority of people who enjoys reading physical books. There was a study done by American university linguistics professor Naomi Baron that emphasized that 92% of students do their serious reading on physical books rather than electronic counterpart.

For people loving physical books it was a good news. The young people embraced century old technology. But for a technophile, It was kind of upsetting and against human advancement.

The famous tech guru Lance Ulanoff reply to the report was  “Ebooks, whether on an e-reader, an iPad or a smartphone, are a vastly more convenient experience than physical books and are most certainly the way of the future,”

But I am different in this issue here is why:

Yes, there are many people who would love to tell you how sales of books are dropping as a result the book chains like Borders are closing making me wonder whether the paper business has also has drowned. But actually the sales of paper-glue books are actually increasing. According to Publisher’s Weekly report Book sales actually increased

It’s the eBook devout who must worry about the future of digital books. A statement by kindle customer service projected e-reader like kindle sales is about to slow down and fall to 7 million per year by 2017. This is a very sharp drop from 25 million units sold in 2012.

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