Are you using an Amazon e-Book reader? Are you afraid of any loss or theft being done to your device. If yes, then don’t worry as our experts of kindle technical support service is available to help you in need. We help you in doing the privacy setting in such a way that your information and password will stay protected and no one can harm your device. Some essential steps are also listed below. So, follow those steps and keep your device protected always.

Add the personal details required

While using the device, one needs to enter their name and phone number to the personal Info section of the setting page by clicking on the Menu option available on your screen and then selecting the Setting option. Click on the Next Page option until you see the Personal Info button on your screen. You can use the keyboard to enter your name and phone number.

To set a password

To set a password of your device, you need to click on the Menu option available on your screen and then select setting. Click on the next page option until you see the device password option on your device. Choose the option of device password and then use the keyboard of your device to type the password and after that confirm the text boxes.

How to remove the password protection?

  •         Firstly, click on the Menu Option
  •         Select Settings
  •         Turn Off next to Device Password

These simple steps will help you in getting your problem resolved with ease. In Spite of this, if you are facing any technical error then you can refer to our team of kindle tech services. You will get an assured solution in a short period of time. Call us now!


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