It’s more than difficult for the many new tablet products to compete with Apple’s popular iPad. The value of the apple brand and the coolness factor is simply so high that you – regardless of how well a product you develop – gets overworked when consumers are to be convinced.

Therefore, several producers throw themselves over the lower part of the market, where the price should be well below the 2,000 kroner.

Thus, there is a good opportunity up to the just over $ 4,000, as Apple’s iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are available here.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is probably the low-cost model that has attracted the greatest attention. Tablet PC ‘ One released next week, and noted, among other things, that the price is only $ 199 in the US – iPad starts at $ 499 on the US market.

It’s worth the money

A look at Kindle Fire’s specifications reveals that it’s not a garbage product, even though the price is so low. Among other things, Fire, running an Amazon version of Android, a dual-core processor, a completely sensible seven-inch screen and Amazon’s new Silk browser, which provides faster load times when browsing. There are few technical glitches in the product but only minor ones that you can fix by contacting Kindle technical support.

However, there are also clear restrictions on products like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Motorola Xoom.

Firstly, the screen is only seven inches; secondly, the battery life is few hours worse than on the more expensive tablet models; and third, there are eight gigabytes of internal memory, Which can not be expanded, not impressive.

The latter, however, tries to remedy by letting users stream movies and music from the company’s data centers. Kindle Fire runs Android, but it’s Amazon’s own graphic design. It has previously been suggested that Amazon because of the low price actually loses money on every Kindle Fire sold. On the other hand, the company hopes to get lost by getting new and loyal customers for online products like movies, music and books. Nook Tablet Must Fight Against Kindle Fire A little same strategy, one must assume that the American book giant Barnes & Noble has the Nook Tablet, which was presented earlier this week. Here is the price of $ 249 and with a 1GHz dual-core processor, a battery life of up to 11.5 hours.


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