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When Paypal split from Ebay in July 2015, the payment gateway’s company will extend its global buyer protection on digital goods too. That’s right they are extending the policy to intangible goods too.

In a blog post , the company clarified the news of the expansion of the service. They said that they believe that Customer’s peace of mind is most important for the company and now the digital goods bought from anywhere on the internet using Paypal’s gateway then you will be liable to money that will be credited back to you. If the item was different than described, or an item never arrived (digitally), PayPal will “ensure that the money is credited back,” to the user’s account, Barel wrote (Chief Risk Officer, Paypal). The Global buyer protection can be availed through contacting Paypal customer support..

“PayPal’s Global Buyer Protection has covered physical goods for many years, and our latest updates incorporate the feedback we’ve been receiving from [consumers], and underline PayPal’s reputation as the faster, safer way to pay online, on smartphones and in-store. As one of the leading ways to buy and sell digital goods and services around the world, we want to provide the same protection and peace of mind for digital goods that buyers have come to expect from our brand,” Barel added

Among some other updates, Paypal said that it would no longer require compliance with both PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy related to prohibited and restricted items as listed by eBay. Instead, PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy will be changed to specify restrictions on the use of PayPal for payments, which will include a ban on bribery, corruption and gambling. “Acceptable Use policy is new and lot of people don’t know about it so Paypal’s customer service will answer to any of the question related to this policy” the company added.

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