Every business is grinch like selfish initially. Driven by nothing but the greed to get more, To accumulate more money and grow the business more and more. At a stage it even happens that the motive to earn money is lost. It just becomes about the business, with their business as alter ego, they want to develop it more and more. BIggest house, biggest cars and latest in everything becomes just a faded fantasy which means nothing more than once all important dream. What comes after that? I hear you ask! And if you are lucky to grow to that stage where a very few reaches, a stage comes when you start to put back to the community you once started from so selfishly. Microsoft have their philanthropic branch, Facebook has it but  But what about Paypal? Well, Paypal have unique way to put back to the community, it connects people who wants to help and people who need help through their Payment platform.

Paypal for past few years has been trying to get together the community globally to bring charity to the forefront. Franz Paasche, SVP corporate affairs, Paypal, in a statement said “we are committed to our mission to democratize financial services for people all over the world.  At the heart of our efforts is the work we do to harness the power of our global payments platform to create a worldwide network of good”

But now question comes, how far Paypal succeeded in democratizing global charitable giving efforts? According to Paypal $7.3 billion in funds were donated to various charities just by using Paypal globally last year with $971 million donated during the holiday season. The largest donation ever. Well we can estimate how many calls went to Paypal customer support during that season just for donations.

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