South Africa. The long shrubs moving back and forth as the breeze moves across them. That warm breeze roughening your combed hair assuring you that it’s ok to let your civilized demeanour to fade into the wilderness. The spread out trees typical of savanna grassland telling you that you are no longer surrounded by skyscrapers that are icon of the materialistic desires you held so close to you till now. At this moment nothing of world you have known all your life matters. Such is the world of South Africa.

But in order to experience Africa in all its grandeur you have to make a to-do list so that you don’t miss out on anything in your trip like maybe checking out the waddling on the cape and let’s see what else comes up in the list:

Whale watching

Probably the most exotic of views you will experience is the whale surfacing in the coastal waters. The surfacing also brings to the notice the pure mystery that an ocean has held in it self. You can also catch a glimpse of them from a cafe or restaurant located in the coast but that might not answer the calling from the wild so best way remains to visit the whale routes.

Take a safari to the national parks

If you haven’t done this then you may have done a grave injustice to the calling of the wild. You can do a self-drive tour along the Garden Routes and Cape Winelands or  choose the best travel packages that will get you to visit all the national parks like Kruger Park, Hluhluwe- Imfolozi park, Marakele National Park or the Madikwe park. Paypal can get you discount of 12% if you choose to pay through its services. Call Paypal customer support for more info.

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