PayPal is concentrated on providing seamless mobile commerce experiences and enhancing this reach through vital partnerships. So, recently the company has initiated a step to attract more customers to its services by joining hands with the well-known organization i.e. Samsung through the Samsung Pay and wherever its services is accepted that is in-store, online, and in-app. PayPal customer support members have revealed this information for the users officially. It is one of the global online payment gateway that is used by millions of people worldwide that is operated on both the consumer and merchant side of the network. And the reason behind this is they provide the safe and secured services to its customers. Whereas Samsung pay is the method of payment in app and online. Both the companies are having strong relationship between them for several years. Last year, alone the company has processed $102 billion in mobile payment volume and two billion mobile payment transactions.

The officials revealed that they have worked with Samsung so that the users will be able to make mobile payments at just one click. And the next phase of their partnership combines their reach and leadership in technology and mobile commerce bringing the customers with latest features. This new partnership will give their customers the ability to pay with mobile for almost everything. This integration was supported on the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The customers in the United States are enjoying this service a lot as they have started contacting the PayPal tech help service. If you are a Samsung user but are not aware of the services they are providing together then you can call us the team of Map Techie anytime. We will make you understand it clearly.

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