PayPal, known for its revolutionary step to introduce online payment method to the world requires user to get an account to use this system. Now, before registering with an account one must know the different types of account offered by this system. PayPal offers three different types of account such as personal, premier and business account. All these accounts have their own benefits and requirements, so one must be careful with choosing the right one.

Personal accounts are the most common ones that require no transaction fees for making any payments through any mode. But it does charge higher while receiving any money from others through credit and debit cards. Also these account holders get very minimal support assistance from merchant services.

Next is the Premier Accounts which is designed exclusively for the e-sellers so that they can accept larger volume of transactions and can accept payments through credit cards. The premier account users get full support assistance from the PayPal Customer Service. Fees to receive transactions from a buyer are minimal with this account and it offers unlimited number of credit card payments. It also offer lower fees for receiving money from any credit or debit cards and users get access to PayPal debit card.

The nest one is Business accounts, which is suitable for business owners which do charge transaction fees for receiving payments. Like Premier accounts, it also offer unlimited credit card payments, lower fees on accepting money from credit/debit cards and access to PayPal debit cards. The Business account users also get full support from merchant services and also get multi-user access facility.

Top of all these accounts, PayPal also offer student accounts for teenagers above 13 years old. These accounts can be opened by the teenager themselves or by their parents. However, all these accounts have their own unique facilities and one must select the right one according their need. If required, expert advice can be taken from the customers service professionals through the toll free PayPal customer support phone number.

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