Paypal Customer Service

Whether it’s android or IOS phone we use our phones just for anything. Want to look for restaurant around you? use foursquare. Want to find your way through the urban jungle? Just see google map. You have apps to do just about anything your heart desires, that even includes paying for your purchases. Google recently unveiled Android Pay, which is a step ahead of mobile wallet. Just add to it your credit card, debit card and gift card information and shop whatever you want.

Android pay is your digital wallet. You can pay for anything you buy with this app loaded in a compatible device and a compatible point of sale terminal with near field communication (NFC). All the major banks in america namely, Wells Fargo, Citi, and bank of America support this technology except Chase Bank. Chase Bank is pushing its own pay service which is yet to be launched.

Recently Braintree has integrated Android pay into SDK to make things even more seamless. Braintree V. zero SDK is a new Client-side SDK that lets merchants to get any payment on web or mobile. It’s a payment solution that is perfect for accepting any type of payment. Want a easy and quick payment solution? Or do you want a fully customized one? It’s a solution for any kind of payment experience you want. Now what that means for the customers is simply more payment options for Android users. This new feature has also led to many users taking to PayPal’s customer service.

Braintree is available for users in the United states, Australia, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and New zealand. So this means that in these countries Android users will have more freedom to pay by the choice they want so its a win win situation for both customers as well as merchants.

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