New customers, higher commodity prices, more sales – many dealers want exactly that for their online shop. But how can these goals be best achieved? PayPal supports traders in a variety of ways to expand and grow their business. Installment payments are now powered by PayPal and made hurdle free by Paypal customer support.

According to the study “installment in e-commerce. Status quo and how to use it successfully” by ibi research (2015), the vast majority of traders (95 per cent) have the opportunity to offer their customers a payment option in the online shop. But obviously, there are reasons that prevent many traders from realizing this step. According to the study results, only 14 percent of online retailers surveyed offer their customers the opportunity to pay. After all, two-thirds (66 percent) of retailers who do not yet offer installments can imagine introducing this option (52 percent) or are already planning this (14 percent).

Payment Security and Direct Payment Receipts
Many traders who like to introduce this payment option, according to ibi research, attach great importance to a transparent overview of fees. Other factors to which merchants pay attention are a simple and fast integration as well as risk taking, should a customer once not pay. In addition, they are important to receive payment in time: for more than three-quarters of respondents, one week’s waiting period is the maximum. Exactly these two factors covers installment payment Powered by PayPal. Merchants receive the entire purchase price (minus the applicable fees) directly at the end of the purchase and can immediately send the goods. The risk management and receivables management system is completely covered by PayPal and thus minimizes the risk of payment failure for the merchant.

Installment payment for buyers: simple, online, fast
Thanks to installment payment Powered by PayPal, traders can offer their customers an attractive offer and more flexibility, especially for high-priced goods, such as furniture or technical products. This is not a matter of the fact that a customer can not afford the purchase in principle. Rather, people are always in situations where they simply need more financial flexibility. Practical is that installment payment Powered by PayPal media-free and completely online for the customer functions. He issues the application for installment payment directly from the online shop. A creditworthiness check is carried out in real time so that the customer is spared the additional gear to a bank or post office branch. By the way: The customer does not need a PayPal account to use installment payment that is Powered by PayPal. For further query about new installments made easy and tax-free contact Maptechie team.

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