You always wished for a kind of book that can magically transform into any of your favorite books and suddenly due to technological advancement your wish came true and Kindle came into being . The kindle that you own is your whole life. you get the latest news on it, you read articles on it, You even read shakespeare on it when you were craving for classics but what to do when your friend too wants to read the book you found interesting? How do you lend a book to your friend?

For people waiting to read their next book which will be lent to them by their friends there is a good news. Amazon didn’t think that it’s important to own Kindle to lent or borrow its Kindle e-book. Which means that your friend can access your lented ebook even from his Android device or even in a computer. The user just need to download Kindle app on it

To lent a book to someone, you need to access the Amazon site on your kindle there login to your account then find the Manage My Content and Devices page from the Account menu. In the list of purchased Kindle books, choose a title in the list and click the Action button beside it. When you click the Action button, a menu will appear, select ‘Loan This Title’  Then there is one of the most important steps of all which is to enter the email address of your friend who wants to borrow the book and send the message

The message that you just sent to your friend contains the link to download the book. Some people call kindle customer service for help with download of the link. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your friend can take the book as long as he wants then don’t! The book has to be read within 14 days there are many rules like this to prevent copyright infringement and also for the same reason you won’t be able to read the same book during its possession by your friend.

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