Recipe to create a good Kindle: Add a pinch of high-resolution, spread around some more battery life and mix it well with a good WiFi connection. How do you like the kindle? Well! horrible indeed. You ask why! The true reason is because you can fill a device like Kindle with as many features you like but if it fails to comply with its aim of becoming a device that can replace books then it should not be a device that is heavy on your pocket  and also low on utility scale. If indeed it’s the purpose of Kindle to replace books it not only has to have the same readability as a book but also has to do away with the downsides of handling and upkeeping a book and to my surprise,  Kindle Paperwhite has achieved that unique balance of what’s  good about books and still manage to cut out the follies of it. All technology at one point or another needs maintenance so kindle customer service should also be there whenever you need it

The unique innovation used in Kindle is the E-ink technology and what exactly is E-ink? You ask, It’s a display that feels paper-like when reading on it. It has high brightness and contrast, a wider viewing angle, and very low power consumption. The technology was founded and commercialized by the E Ink Corporation, which was co-founded in 1997 by MIT undergraduates J.D. Albert & Barrett Comiskey. This technology along with other technologies implemented on the screen such as glare-free display makes the reading experience more book like.

But if century old technology of books made of paper is to be replaced, then the new technology must not only demonstrate that it is not just a phase, not just the temptation of the nova but also it has the capability to prevail over books. In that respect I reckon that the Kindle has surpassed books. Its 6.7 x 4.6 x 0.33 inch screen is far thinner that a book can ever be and yet so large that you can read on it without any doubt on your mind that you are actually not reading a book.

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