Paypal customer service

Wallet Is not anymore that you keep in your back pocket of your trouser, it isn’t something that you can keep in your purse safe. The wallet has also gone digital, in the recent years word can also describe a mobile app that stores digital versions of a person’s payment cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and even coupons enabling payment to take place with just a tap or scan. While mobile wallets can be a quick and convenient option to help consumers expedite checkout, keep their information secure, and streamline retailer discounts and loyalty rewards, the adoption of mobile wallets continues to fall short of what was originally expected.

Some of the hurdles while using mobile wallet are following

  • People have gotten used to paying with cash or swiping that card and thus trusting to make payments that relies on mobile phones will take time. So a new behaviors for both merchants and consumers, is bound to have kinks that will have to be worked out of the process.A research revealed that many users feel annoyed and embarrassed in those moments when their mobile payments just don’t work as smoothly as they should. According to the study, these barriers and frustrations have a direct impact on the usage of mobile wallet
  • Can saving of time and the prospect of convenience help to make mobile payments popular? And what about security as obviously the issue of security concerns the non-user of mobile payments very much and also the fear of unknown as always is also comes in way of adoption of mobile payments.  People usually use paypal as they are not aware of other services so call volumes to paypal technical support is also high.

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