It’s fun to have holiday season again. Lot of shopping and gifting is what goes on in this season and more and more people are sending and receiving money through Paypal every year to family and friends and this is the peak season that it happens. Last year $41 billion had been sent and received with Paypal, Venmo and xoom which are the peer to peer (P2P) network. Its predicted that in december alone the P2P transactions will cross 17 million.

With so many transactions during this peak holiday season it would be a delight for the paypal users that starting november 10 , Paypal would be integrated with siri yeah! You heard that right you can make payments or send and receive money with just voice command on your iPhone and Ipad so making payments have become even easier on Iphones. Unbelievable? Just confirm that by calling Paypal customer service. How is that for a holiday gift? Simply say “Hey siri, send john $100 using Paypal” and you are done.

For those of you who are not aware of siri, It’s is an intelligent personal assistant as  a part of operating system in all the Apple devices which includes iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. This system uses a natural languages user interface to answer questions and perform adapts to user’s individual languages and individual search preferences with continued use. In short it an artificial butler.

This service would be provided across countries in many languages including:  Australia, Austria, Belgium (French and Dutch), Brazil, Canada (English and French), China, Denmark, Finland (Finnish), France, Germany, Hong Kong (Cantonese), India, Israel (Hebrew), Italy, Japan, Malaysia (Malay), Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia (Arabic), Singapore (English), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French, German, and Italian), Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (Arabic) and United States. Isn’t it exciting?

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