It’s was a bit of surprise when Janine Mastrorilli, owner of company named ‘Independent Reign’ left her high paying job in Wall Street technology to pursue her own endeavors. She apparently she started her own venture to sell minimalist tote bags and wallets with linen fabric and leather. She does this using online stores like Etsy and Bluefly and also by her e-commerce website.

All the payment processing of her company is done by Paypal including international sales. She has benefitted from association with Paypal a lot and now 70% of total revenue comes from Paypal.Paypal’s customer service made checkout easier for her customers thus helping her to reduce things to stress about and letting her concentrate on other aspects of the business.

The time she got from freeing herself from other things, was effectively used for preparing and maintaining a very helpful social media establishment. Due to her social media efforts Jenine has been able to make her place through social media. Her company was early adopters of social media. She took to social media in 2009 to promote her company while she founded her company in 2008. Now she has her channels Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Some of the steps you too can take to make you more social media apt

  • Use the ‘Facebook shop’  app : Jenine’s company has used Facebook’s increasing number of merchant tools – from customer reviews, to product photos and most recently, a Facebook Shop. All these have been her choice of apps that she finds useful.
  • Utilising Instagram for product showcase : In addition to Facebook, Jenine’s company has presence on Instagram In fact, she finds Instagram to be her most-utilized social tool. The visual nature of the platform allows her to showcase her products in images while making her designs easily findable using targeted hashtags. She also recently used the platform to announce holiday sales for big shopping days, including Cyber Monday, to maximize consumer reach.

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