There occurs certain times when you can’t read a book using the e-reader. So, the kindle tech service team has released a feature using which you will be able to continue reading your e-Books anywhere and doing anything. This is the feature using which you will be able to convert any text to speech and read it aloud to you. This is the great feature that has solved the problems of many customers. The customers who own an e-Book reader can generally own it.

To use this amazing feature, one needs to follow the simple steps that are listed below:

  • Firstly, open the document that you want your e-reader to read to you.
  • Click on the Menu option.
  • Choose the Start Text-to-Speech from the Menu options available on your device.

After these steps, the voice will begin to talk. It is a real human sounding for a computer-generated voice. Also, one can adjust its volume as the button to increase and decrease the volume is also available. These options are already available on the keyboard so press the A key.  You are having the option to listen to the voice through earphones or through speaker. Or if you are driving you can listen to it through your car’s speaker. For further queries, you can call our experts on our toll free number available on our web page. Our kindle customer support providers will assist you at every single step. Call us now and enjoy the amazing feature released by Amazon today.


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