With Maptechie kindle technical support is now at hand for all the new kindle users. With the introduction of this gadget, Amazon has definitely been able to bring smiles on every bookworm’s face. But the real issue arises when you start encountering problems regarding your e-reader. Here we’ll try to provide you with kindle support for the issues we think have been bothering you.

Shutting down

You are all geared up to read your favorite series but all of a sudden the kindle you have turns off. There may be several reasons this might be happening. Fret not!! Maptechieis here to provide you with all the kindle support you require.

a) Blackout: If the continuous popping off of your screen is a torture to you, then you should try going to Settings>Display>Screen Timeout and set it to Higher or Never. You can also contact kindle support for detailed inquiries.

b) On fire: Not literally, but yes it may be overheating so just give some rest to the machine and to your eyes so it has time to be ready to entertain you all over again.

No sound

It may just be a little bug arising in your kindle and we are here to help you with all the kindle technical support you need. Try the following:

a) That maybe due to the size of the hole provided which maybe too small for the headphones to plug in. Try taking out the cover and plugging in again, that may give enough space for the headphones to plug in.

The silk browser

If the continuous crashing and tortoise speed of the pre-installed browser is too cumbersome to handle:

a) You can try clearing the data on your browser by following these steps Settings>Applications>Manage All Applications>All Applications>Silk Browser>Clear Data.This may take off the heavy load and may help with the speed.

b) You can always use a different browser like the Dolphin instead of this one if it is too troublesome to use.

We really hope, we were of much help to you with all the plausible issues we tried to resolve. If there are any further concerns regarding kindle technical support,we are at your beck and call at contact us or you can always call at the kindle support phone number for any of your further queries.

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