Kindle Fire was launched with much hype and with the promise of it being the “premium product at non-premium price” and thus Amazon, the maker of kindle, started a battle to enter the tablet computing market. But has it stood tall to its claims?

In terms of price no one has yet beaten KIndle Fire it’s priced at $199 which is fraction of cost that is borne by the customers for Apple’s iPad which has dominated the tablet market so naturally the kindle becomes iPad’s nemesis. Amazon is giving away it  black and white kindles at dirt cheap price which is just $79

Till now Apple boasts to be almost alone in the ring. Although South Korea’s Samsung,  Canada’s RIM and America’s Hewlett-Packard has been competing with Apple but Apple’s share in the market of tablets is still huge. Think tanks of the industry are of the opinion that almost 75% of 64 million tablets thought to sold last year are sold by Apple alone but there is a catch to Apple’s share of tablets in the market, Amazon’s Kindle has been slowly stealing the share of pie from Apple.

Kindle Fire which was launched in the U.S in 2011 had its follies. It doesn’t have a mobile link but just the WiFi and thus there were a lot of complain that went to kindle fire customer service.  The device’s screen has a 7 inch display which is smaller than an iPad’s screen. It even doesn’t have a camera so you can forget about video-chatting. For such a device a call to Amazon kindle fire Customer Service Phone Number was considered a must. The quality of of graphics is pretty decent

On the other hand we have Kindle Fire’s positives. First comes its price. The cost of an iPad is $499 whereas cost of a Kindle fire is only $199. The biggest positive of the kindle is that

with a kindle you can access terabytes of movies, TV shows and songs which Amazon has kept in their cloud. Talking about cloud, Amazon has given free cloud service to Kindle’s users. Users can store all their digital content in the cloud thus 8 megabytes of inbuilt storage is not a matter to dread upon. Considering all the positives and negative I would give Kindle 5 out of 10.

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