It may seem like a contradiction, but when it comes to exporting, do not pay so much attention to the dollar. Of course, if the US currency is valued, so much the better. But do not be blinded by a favorable foreign exchange scenario, because you will also have to deal at some point (or several depending on the economic scenario) with a stronger real. What matters, therefore, is that you invest in a sustainable cross-border policy that must be maintained regardless of the advantages of a weak or momentarily weakened local currency.

Even because, according to Paypal technical support, for the conscious exporter, the ideal dollar is the steady dollar. Who sells to other countries needs, rather, a quiet exchange, without great variations, in the period that goes from the customer’s request to the delivery of the product. Here are some golden tips for exporting safely, without getting carried away by the false expectation of easy and greater profits.

Take time out for the business plan. The most important step before embarking on the export adventure is to come up with a good business plan. Spend some time on it, as it will direct all your subsequent processes. It is the business plan that contains the definitions about the products to be exported, the quantity (special attention to your stock and production capacity), the cultural values of importing countries (which are the best importing stores, in case you choose to work with Resellers) and the barriers to be faced, such as language, which methods of collection to use, level of transactional security and possible adaptations of their products to better suit international markets.

Be very careful with the floating exchange rate. In this journey to new markets, you can not risk placing the car in front of the oxen, as they say – nor take a step higher than the leg. One tip is to never overestimate the profit that an appreciated dollar can bring you at first.

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