There might be chances that your account is limited that signifies you won’t be able to complete the essential things you are required to do with your PayPal account. This also reveals that you will not be able to send and receive money from your account if your account is limited. To remove your account limitation, PayPal customer service provider revealed that you need to do one or more task. So, some of those steps are steps are listed below.

If you have received an email that reveals your account is limited, but steps for resolving the problems are not provided in the Resolution Center then this shows you may have received a fake email. If all the steps are completed and your account remains limited, it means one of two things i.e. we have sent you an email that will ask for more details about you, or we were reviewing your case, and we will email you with our decision. Other than this you can also change your password for security purpose so that no other user will be able to use your account without your consent.

What to do

You need to press resolve a problem in our Resolution Center near the bottom of the page.
After that press on Go to Account Limitations.
Press on Resolve beside each step.

If you have completed the essential steps that are listed above then we will ask you for more details by email. You are suggested not to respond as soon as possible so we can resolve your case. If we’ve asked for some additional proof of your identity then you need to review the kind of documentation we accept.

If your problem doesn’t get resolved up through all these steps then you can freely connect with us by calling our PayPal technical support number. Our experts will help you in solving your problem. So, freely connect with us anytime as we are here round the clock to help you in need. Call us now as we will be happy to help you in need.

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