“Social media networks are where the consumers discuss and share gift ideas, so it is an amazing place to start a conversation with.” The season of shopping is approaching now and the entrepreneurs of small business are busy in scheduling where to spend their limited supply of marketing dollars. And social media is the platform where they can compete with the large retailers available in the market. This is the platform where you don’t need to spend much and you can easily reach out the customers looking for the similar products that you are offering.

There are some simple tips provided by our experts of Maptechie.com that will help you to craft social media posts and grab gift shoppers’ attention include:

Find the correct time to post: You will get the amazing results when you will be able to find out the correct time to post on social media. When you will find the answer to this question that when is the correct time to post? Then you will be able to increase your social engagement. Most of the social media users are more active during weekday late afternoons and early evenings. Schedule your holiday posts for when the consumers are most likely to see them.

Uncover consumer wish lists: It is essential for you to know your customers concerns and interests. By addressing their concerns in your social posts, you can get the attention of shoppers searching for this products and information.

Set the mood with interesting pictures: It will be beneficial for you to set the mood of your customers using some creative images within posts. “Images that look engaging work best, since users have become numb to highly commercial and polished images.” Always prefer to use your phone to take pictures of products. Try to elicit a mood or feeling, instead of worrying about showing off the product absolutely.

Follow the journey of your customer: Always take a follow up from your customers of their journey while shopping from your website. Offer them with the best payment options available like PayPal. And if they have any trouble while making the payments online then they can call us at our PayPal customer support phone number. Our team of professionals is here to help you in need.


So, increase up your sale this shopping season and give a competition to large retailers with these simple steps that are mentioned above. Once the consumers take you up on that offer, your online storefront can help win the holiday sale.

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