Kindle is fun with lot of things to do and when it comes to subscribing and reading blogs online, kindle is the device of choice. It lets you read your favourite blogs posts with ease. Infact people prefer to read blogs on-the-go with only kindle.

Earlier the problem with reading blogs on kindle was that it was only available to a few high end web publications but things changed when amazon launched its Kindle publishing for blogs program. But now we are faced with a new problem how to get your blog published to thousands of Kindle simultaneously?

First thing’s first  

You need to make a separate account for your new kindle blog service. You not only need your current Amazon or kindle account, you also need give financial information. After going through all the process your blog content will be on the kindle of course after Amazon approves it.

Let’s talk money

You can earn money from your blog but terms and conditions on which you receive it is strictly set by Amazon. It pays you what it thinks is fair. That means you probably won’t make much money out of your blog. The money made is typically between $0.99 to $1.99 per month for almost all blogs.

Also to be considered is the fact that you get only 30% of total subscription revenue. So for instance you blog goes for $1 and 1000 people subscribe it through Kindle you will earn only $300 instead of $1000. People are also encouraged to contact kindle customer support in case of any doubt related to the sum calculation. People outside the US can receive money by US check.

Final word

Although the usefulness of kindle to read blogs is beyond doubt but at the same time It’s some what upsetting that Kindle blog writing doesn’t make for substantial source of income but let’s hope that in future it gives bigger share of the pie so that Kindle blog publishing is more practical option.

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