People prefer shopping online rather than visiting the market and then shop. So, the paypal customer support team has conducted a global survey. And on the basis of the survey conducted there are 52% of the users who shop using the browser and 65% of the users do doing via the app. So, it is necessary for the entrepreneur running a business to know the advantages and disadvantages of developing an app.

Know whether you are running a mobile friendly business or not?

It is important for the people running a business to maintain a website before developing an app for it. If you are serving the customers a website that is responsive then it means your website is mobile friendly. One of the another way to maintain your website as mobile friendly is to allow the users to access your website anytime whether its content or services. If they will be able to access it then they will be able to know more about your services.

Why building an app is required?

Building an app serves you with many facilities and that are you will be able to maintain another communication channel with the customers, you will be able to create another marketing and sales channel, you will be able to increase the visibility of your brand more through this.

But all this requires more investment as compared to that required in developing a website for your business. So, if you are not having enough budget to develop and maintain an app then it is required for you to use the paypal giving fund service that is available for the entrepreneurs running a small business. If you are not aware about this service then paypal tech support members are there to help you.

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