Kindle has become a popular tool to read books, articles, news and what not.  The function of kindle doesn’t stop there you can shop for, download and also browse digital media via WiFi network. The hardware made by Amazon was first launched as a single device and now it has many variants. The main advantage of using Kindle over other devices for reading is that the Kindle screen is capable of producing 16 tones to mimic reading printed text on a paper

Since the kindle became popular the Kindle e-reader has been released as a Android app too.

The free Android app when tied to Amazon account works perfectly as a Kindle, no hassle, no calling to kindle customer service, your Android phone just gets converted to Kindle. The lets you to read articles, news or books just as you would have read in the kindle and is a good option when you have already invested on Amazon ecosystem.

The app starts in home screen and has list of some of the books Amazon recommends and are under the label of ‘best sellers’, ‘editors’ pick’ and    ‘popular sample screen’. It also displays the book that are in your Amazon account packed in a nice carousel interface.

Tapping or Long-pressing on the books pulls out more options. The options include going to beginning of the book reaching the last page to read or removing the book from device. On some occasions pressing the screen for long will result in popping up Book Extras supported by Shelfari. The Book Extras are facts related to the book that are curated by people so as to give important information to readers.

The app experience is as comfortable as it gets. To turn the page swipe on the screen left or right.or simply tap somewhere in the margin. If you tap at the center of the page, a menu will appear that will let you change text size, brightness, margins etc.

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