Often PayPal users face issues with payment methods due to continuous rejection of their registered card. An error message appears whenever they try to pay which says “The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number”. There can be a lot of reasons which generates this error message and to get rid of that, one must need to know the exact one.

If PayPal payment is linked with credit card: if payments are made through registered credit cards then PayPal balance cannot be use to make a payment in other website. The correct way to make payment is to in that website select PayPal payment and then log into the website and use the credit card to complete the payment. You can get more advice by dialing the PayPal customer support phone number.

Maximum limit on non-member credit cards: if you are using a PayPal as a guest user than there is a set limit for transaction number, amount of transaction and types of merchandise which is designed to prevent fraud. This feature is designed to assure account security and there is no way to trick down this limitation. What one can do is just to use another credit r debit card to make the payments or just register for a permanent account with PayPal.

Cards that are related to any closed account: the system always remembers all the cards that had been registered under any account even after deleting that account. If it is the case, than you must try with another card or make the payment after logging into the account.

The card issues mostly rise when you try to make payment as a guest user due to its delicate security measurements. Signing into your account before making a payment is the best way to avoid these unlikely situations. However, you can always seek expert advice from PayPal customer service. Customer service experts are highly trained professional who are able enough to guide you with the right transaction solutions.

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