paypal technical support

To use PayPal account for business purpose, one needs to register with a business account instead of using the personal account. The reason behind this is personal accounts are not able to take payments from a credit card which is crucial for any business account. All you need to do is register with a new business account which is very easy to do. All you need is a unique email address that is not linked with any other PayPal account by any means.

Next important thing you will need is a name for your business with which it is registered to or the name you want to keep for your startup. Also a Tax ID number is required; you can also use your social ID number that is accepted nationally. But do remember to enter this information only by yourself while filling in the registration form. You can get more regulatory guidance from the PayPal Customer Service. Another required information include a physical address for your business and do remember that PayPal never accept PO Box addresses for business accounts.

You must select accurate category and sub-category for your business and then you will need to have a checking account for fund transfers. You can also use bank routing number if you have one.  Once all information is entered accurately, you will get a verification mail to verify the account. Shortly after you verify the account by clicking that email, PayPal will deposit some amount twice into your bank account and ten will withdraw it. These are all authentification process to keep your account secure.

If you have more questions, then you can get all the answers correctly by contacting customer services through toll free PayPal telephone support number.

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