PayPal is well known for the services it offers. But it does not stop working here and keeps on working continuously to improve its services. Now, the professionals at PayPal have set a goal that is to help the customers take better control of their financial lives. Part of this mission is to assure that the PayPal customer service providers were also helping people build up financial wellness. There are more than 2.3 million people across the United States that are investing in their future through Acorns that will help them to save for long term and short term expenses like for a trip in the near future or some future planning.

The service providers are elated to declare that they can now use this widely used online payment system to fund an investment account with Acorns. Once you link your PayPal account to Acorns, you can select to set-up a persisting or one-time investment funded from your account. This will provide you an even easier way to save and invest money to lead desirable financial lives.

All this is not enough. Once your accounts are linked successfully then you can easily control your Acorns account right from within PayPal via online mode using the PayPal mobile app. In order to serve the customers with better visibility as you have build your long-term savings. This will permit you to do things easily like check your Acorns account value, handle your investment augmentations, and control your persistent and one-time transfers to Acorns right in the moment. This is in addition to the extant factor that grants the PayPal users to use the Acorns “Round-up” factor on PayPal purchases, through directly investing the round-ups into a low-cost, varied portfolio of exchange-traded funds.

Both Acorns and PayPal together are helping out comparing the financial services and providing the inventive results to the people generally underserved by the current system. These new factors are starting to roll out to choose the United States PayPal customers today, and will be available for all USA customers by early 2018. For more brief information, refer to PayPal customer support phone number. The service providers will guide you with the complete information.

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