In this digital world, when everything is coming digital then using computers is no longer a choice as it was decade ago. But working on computers without availing the computer security support is still a choice and due to this reason in the United States, cybercrimes of worth over 15.42 million dollars were reported in year 2015. You can buffer and protect your IT system or your personal computer by expanding following extremely adequate measures.


  1. Disconnect your internet when not required

Internet is absolutely enforced to advance the viruses across systems. It is thus quite simple and adequate to switch off the internet connection when you are not using it. Inhibiting the use of internet while you are working on computer is a great choice you should make. Also, you can switch off the router when not in use.


  1. Getting an antivirus is a great choice

Accommodating with things that is available at low cost or free may make you pay big in near future. So, choose the antivirus that is good for your system not the one which is cheap in price. It can keep away the conflict the importance of cyber attacks and malware infections.


  1. Strong passwords can help you

It is required for you all that use the passwords which are strong and unique as they can’t be easily judged by the hackers easily. Also, when you set your password, your system tells you that it is strong or weak. So, set the one accordingly.


  1. No porn sites please.

Viruses actually brood on these websites and you are highly accessible to virus attack every time you visit such websites.


  1. Public Wifi that is available with ease is not safe.

Many users are habitual to use the public Wi-Fi available at shopping malls, hotels, and other public places. You are inviting numerous viruses by doing so.


You can use these features to protect your desktop computers, laptops, or any e-reader. Other than this, if you find any inappropriate activity happening to your account then our experts are here to help you in need. We the team of are available every time you need us. Call us at our toll free number +1-855-601-0005. We are available round the clock to serve you better.

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