PayPal is considered as the best online payment gateway and it has three types of accounts to contain everyone from the spontaneous eBay seller to the experienced business: Personal, Business, and Premier Accounts. The agile clans at PayPal have advanced something for its users.

PayPal Personal Account

When you begin your career with this most leading online payment gateway, you may want to sign up for a Personal account. With this basic account from this system, you can send and receive money for free. The Personal accounts are for only one person and not for a business. Users even can’t maintain the joint account.

Business And Premier Accounts

The accounts for the professional seller allow you to obtain credit card payments, get a debit card, and engage in the PayPal’s high-yield money market fund. A Premier account is controlled in an individual’s name; a business account can be adhered in a business name and allows multiple login names. At these account levels, you have approach to a PayPal customer support phone number.

A fee is raised on all money you earn through this gateway at this level. The system has a standard rate and a merchant rate. The merchant rate has three tiers, On the basis of your monthly sales volume. When you will open your account, you were charged the standard rate. But after your sales reach more than $3000 per month through this system for three consecutive months then you can apply for a merchant account.

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