And now that you have the most amazing gadget for book lovers, you should definitely know all those clever tips and tricks to get a whole new experience. With Amazon giving you marvelous kindle tech support, you must also get a hold of all the tricks you can. So, we have come to your rescue and today a plethora of tricks will come out of our Pandora’s box. Get ready to roll!!

kindle technical support phone number

Freebies for all : Yes you read that right!! You don’t have to spend all your moolah on buying yourself the books your heart desires because you can get them for free. Amazon isn’t just good at providing kindle technical support, but it takes care of your literary needs too.

Brighter than sunshine : Of course! Why not?! You can adjust the brightness of your tab by long pressing the “+” button or the “-“ button for increasing or decreasing the brightness respectively.

Color me red!! : Or blue, yellow, green or just about any color you love because kindle gives you the option of highlighting the text you want and it will definitely remind you of those yellow fluorescent highlighters you used in school.

Time it out : You can reset your reading time in kindle. Reading time basically tells you how much of your reading material is left and if you want to reset it, you can surely do that by typing, ResetReadingTime. We bet, you didn’t know that. Did you?

Be Santa : Not literally though, but you can definitely gift an e-book to your loved ones using kindle. Isn’t that amazing?! You can always contact Amazon on the kindle customer support number for more details or just simply click here.

At your service : Amazon has a whole range of kindle technical support available just for you. Right from the Reading Basics to the kindle technical support, amazon has it all. You name it, they have it.

Snappy Screensavers : You can also add the coolest screen savers available out there on your kindle. Be it your favorite Shakespeare quote or that philosophical looking image, you can have ‘em all. Win! Win!

Sharing is caring : Amazon provides you with a feature where you can share all your books with your loved ones and this is the kindle family library for. You can go to kindle support page on amazon and manage your account to set up your own family library or call amazon at kindle support phone number if it all seems too daunting a task.

So now that you are all wise, go on that reading spree. Happy reading!!

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