There are many different versions of Amazon’s e-reader in the market four to be precise. So if you are confused about which Kindle to buy then you don’t even need to call Kindle technical support phone number. Maptechie team is here to help. It’s just that with so many choices you can’t figure out which features will suit your needs. In this case our advice would be to first think about why you need your Kindle then carefully cancel out the features that you think are unnecessary according to your need but this article is not about what you need to do if you know the features but just the opposite that is what to do if you don’t know the features.

For all those lost people here goes the ultimate guide.

Kindle – $76.78

The original Kindle was launched with few features in comparison to the the Kindles that are sold now. It’s intended for casual readers who would read only during the day time or maybe under strong artificial light.

But the latest kindle has gone through some improvements and now it’s 11% thinner and 16% lighter. They have also added a Bluetooth audio so that you can listen to an audio version of e-books

Kindle Paperwhite – $140.60

The Kindle version of Paperwhite is actually most revised version in all of the Amazon’s e-readers. The latest revision comes in form of super-crispy 300 PPI resolution. The text looks surprisingly crispy.

It’s also loaded with built-in backlight which is a huge change from the basic version of Kindle. It has a good grip and it’s rugged design just adds to it’s classy design.

Warning: It’s heaviest Kindle in all of the lot so if you hold it long in your hand then it’s going to be a bit of problem.

Kindle Voyage – $217.47

It has a premium design, with angled magnesium back, that feels a lot aboveits plastic brethren. It also dumps the physical fascia buttons in favour of haptic page-turning controls.


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