It’s holiday season yet again and with the holiday season comes all the fun,food, shopping and then more shopping. Now the question is how can businesses make most of this festive trend? The answer lies in first assessing key dates that are there in this holiday season then picking the top holidays that affect the most to the concerned businesses. But the foremost part is to make a holiday’s strategy. Let’s look at some of the strategies:

  • Try to be mobile Friendly

If your checkout options are not clean and easy to access then you are going to lose customers. Make sure the add to cart and checkout buttons are easy to find

  • Give the freedom to pay

Give your customers freedom to pay however they want. It can include credit card, debit card, paypal one touch etc. Paypal one touch let customers to activate one touch and enables to sign in to paypal account. It’s the responsibility of merchants to avail Paypal customer service should the Paypal doesn’t work properly. If such freedom isn’t given then customers may abandon their cart.

  • Customer’s privacy is important

While making purchases customers expect their data will remain private and the businesses should ensure that the trust with them is not violated.

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