KIndle has been of usually of gray colour but now we will see a Kindle that is of white colour.

After two months Amazon changed the e-reader world by releasing a completely new KIndle Oasis, the company just launched update to a more humble, entry level e-reader and Kindle tech help is handling a lot of calls asking the technicians about the new device. The $79.99 E Ink-based Kindle (the Gadget is so modest it doesn’t even have a last name attached to it) is now less heavier, even thinner has increased memory capacity comes in absolute white. The white colour given to this gadget is kind of interesting as these gadgets have not been white after way back in 2010. After that era these devices have usually been of varying shades of gray.

The white colour may have been reserved for more humble kindle perhaps. Amazon also somehow chisel away some millimeters of thickness from the Kindle (it’s now 9.7 mm) and a full ounce (it is 5.7 oz).

Amazon made this Kindle to be the first to feature built-in Bluetooth audio support and as reported by the kindle technical support, people are happy about this feature. With this feature, Amazon is specifically helping the visually impaired. Now the visually challenged people can give voice commands to the Kindle to read the text written in the book to him. There is no need of connecting separate adapter to connect their Bluetooth headset. The book would be read to people via the device’s VoiceView screen reader.

Although The kindle doesn’t have a 300 ppi 6-inch screen, or as thin with a lot of features in it like the Kindle Oasis but it does give the consumer the advantage of being lighter on pocket. It’s over 200 dollars cheaper than the Oasis.

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