Amazon is making the device into a luxury product with the new Kindle Oasis.Starting at 280 dollar, the Kindle’s new version is Amazon’s priciest e-reader since the Kindle DX from 2011. According to Kindle technical service its aim with the Kindle is to “make the device disappear so you can lose yourself in an author’s story,” and in some cases, that means making the device more like a book

The interesting feature: At a side of the device there is an extra-wide, extra-thick bezel, which seems like spine of a traditional book. People  hold it in any of the hands, and the screen will turn around accordingly.

Amazon is also giving a device cover with the Oasis. Besides just making the package in which the device came look classier, the cover comes with its own battery, which when included with the e-reader stores up to eight weeks of charge. Charging with a wall charger with the cover attached will charge both devices, and the e-reader is designed to deplete the cover’s battery before emptying into its own reserves.

Those developments aside, the Kindle Oasis more like 2014’s Kindle Voyage, with a six-inch 300 dpi screen and four gigabytes of storage for storing thousands of ebooks. The Oasis is the one which is ought to be brighter, because of ten LEDs instead of six LEDs in the Voyage. It weighs  around 0.29 lb. Only the frame that is without the cover weighs much less than any other Kindle. (If you include the cover then that makes the weight up to 0.53 ounces, which is still lighter than most small tablets.)

Amazon has not yet given an exact release date for the Kindle Oasis, but has started to take early orders now for shipping in the “coming weeks.” As it is the case with other Kindles, Amazon demands extra payment for an extra $20 to remove “Special Offers” commercials from the device’s lock screen. A 3G version (for downloading books without Wi-Fi) will be made available for around $70 more.

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