You always buy the best things for your kids be it toys, food or books but what about tablets? There are currently many tablets in the market to choose from but what is criteria based on which you would buy your little son or daughter their first tablet? One of the criteria could be price. But don’t make a hasty decision just based on price.

The main thing to consider while buying a child’s tablet is that you will end up spending a lot more than the tablet’s value over the years because all the content for the tablet has to be bought by you but those content library will stay with your child for many years to come. This is the business model used by many companies like Apple, Amazon and Google.

There can be many purposes of a tablet like watching videos reading content online and so  on, so do a thorough research on how you want your child to use the tablet and ask yourself “Would I be comfortable if my child use the tablet for this reason?” By buying your kid a tablet you could put thousands free of ebooks on his or her fingertips by using “all you can eat” FreeTime unlimited program.

Let’s do a round of comparison between an iPad and Amazon Kindle fire and see which between these two would fit your child

iPad: This device comes with best content and other features but it’s price is bit above the market price for tablets. iPad has an excellent content filtering and parental management features.

Amazon Kindle and fire: This device can be coupled with a magnificent plan which is FreeTime unlimited for $4 only. Amazon’s management feature lets you create profile for each child in family. The kindle comes with quad=core processor and 7-inch screen and add a foam bumper and that’s extra 25 dollars but it’s sure going to make the device child proof.

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